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Yoni Leviatan is an American-Israeli musician, songwriter and content producer who first made a name for himself when his debut album Extra Credit had a burst of activity in the South Florida area:  

  • Songs were licensed to major TV networks such as MTV, CNN, ESPN, PBS and Lifetime.

  • The album was played on over 200 college and terrestrial radio stations nationwide.

  • The single “Twentysomething” was named one of the Top 25 MP3s of 2007 by

  • The song “Let the Devil Know” was licensed to for the final scene/end credits of the spoof comedy film One-Eyed Monster starring Ron Jeremy.

  • In 2008, Yoni accompanied award-winning singer/songwriter Ellen Bukstel at a rally for then-Democratic Candidate for President, Barack Obama. 

In 2009, Yoni immigrated to Israel where his writing added a new dimension when he started blogging at Times of Israel, the country’s leading English-language news outlet, sharing his thoughts on current events, politics and life in the tumultuous – but always exhilarating – modern Jewish state.

Since then he’s also been published in Newsweek and The Forward while continuing to make music in his Tel Aviv studio. His work as a content producer has led to countless projects with Warner Bros. Publications, Waves Audio, Abbey Road Studios, YouTube and Spotify.


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Press Quotes:

“Smart pop-rock… he reminds of any number of people from Dave Matthews to Ben Harper… Yoni has a spark about him that makes me want to root for him in the long term.”

– Evolution of Media

“A stellar debut album… a catchy lead single, ‘Twentysomething,’ developing a life of its own… perfect for MTV and television in general.”
– New Times

“His consuming timbre will immediately hook listeners in and make them want to listen keenly to each lyric this musician utters.”
– The Celebrity Café

“We love your music – great job – keep it up mate!”
– The Verve, UK band (“Bittersweet Symphony”)

“’Twentysomething’ grabbed me immediately. Yoni really nailed it with this one. I love it.”
– Aaron Stang, Grammy-winning guitarist  


Yoni has worked extensively with Waves Audio, the world’s leading provider of audio tools for music production, live concerts, film, TV, gaming and consumer devices. During this time he had the opportunity to collaborate with the legendary producers, mixers and engineers on various marketing projects, including video interviews during NAMM, the industry’s largest trade show.  









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